Dorothy Bruno Hills Indoor Tennis League:

Wimbledon 109 fields teams at various levels in the women only DBH league. Each team practice and play a match once a week. All matches are played in a Doubles format. The league is open to all Members and teams are formed using a competitive tennis ladder. Ladder play begins in early September and League play begins in early October and ends in March. Practices and matches take place weekdays between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.
For more information: log on to or download a set of Wimbledon 109 DBH Rules

Central Mass. Indoor Tennis Association (CMITA):

Wimbledon 109 currently fields one women’s teams in the CMITA. The CMITA is also referred to as the “Working Women’s” league as practices are held weekday nights and matches are played on Saturday afternoons. Matches include both Singles and Doubles play. The league is open to all Members and teams are formed in early September.
For more information: log on to or call the Club.

Flex League:

The Flex League is a program designed to teach the basics of doubles play to adult women. Flex is ideal for female players with some tennis experience. The focus is on movement and patterns in doubles play. The league follows our Tennis School Calendar and each week focuses on drills and match play. The Flex league is a great way to meet players of similar ability. Our Flex League application is available for download from our website by visiting the right-hand menu of our Tennis School page.

United States Tennis Association (USTA)

Junior Teams:

Wimbledon 109 hosts age based junior teams of varying abilities in the USTA Junior Tennis League. Teams play local area clubs on weekends starting in October. Wimbledon 109 teams are open to all our Tennis School students.

Summer USTA Teams:

Wimbledon fields various teams of different levels in the USTA Summer League. Matches are played weeknights beginning in May and ending in July. Contact the Club to join a team or enter a team in the league.